Maloprodaja: Knez Mihailova 40, Pariske komune 15; Veleprodaja: Pariske komune 15

La Revolucion


“La Revolucion” cafes are on two locations;in the very center in Uskocka b.b. ( corner with Knez Mihailova at RK Mitich ) and in T. C. IDEA on Bezanijska kosa, Partizanske avijacije b.b. What these cafes are made special is warm atmosphere through latin sounds. Every evening on location in Uskocka street Latino musical program is performed alive.
On Tuesdays and Sundays are evenings reserved for Salsa Party in original performance of dancing couple from Cuba. Guests can be relaxed both trough music and dancing and great choice of alcoholic and soft drinks and cocktails.

In addition to events, it is very actual drink promotion. It is very interesting to mention that press conferences, picture exhibition and book promotions are kept in our cafe from time to time. We can specially mention the book promotion „ Memories “ which was written by Ernesto Che Guevara widow and because of that occasion his daughter Aleida Guevara was a guest.


„La revolution“ plants to open new object on different location , and the first will be at the beginning at May 2008 at the very center of Belgrade on the location Obilicev venac ( wreath ) also it is planned giving franchises for countries of former Yugoslavia and the first contracts are singed with the firm from Slovenia.

That visiting the cafe will be pleasant, also comfirms the specialized inkeeper`s magazine Caffe & Bar which the local in Uskocka is put amongst 20 best places for recommended from which only three of them are cafes.

Caffe La Revolucion

Uskočka bb
tel: 063/7222-622

TC IDEA Bežanijska kosa
Partizanske avijacije b.b.
tel: 011/2288-610
mob: 062/268-482



New "La revolucion" cafe


Market Centar IDEA is opened on Bezanijska kosa, Partizanske avijacije b.b on 06.12.2007. As part of the Market Center a new café “ La Revolucion “ is opened in old known style. It is good news for inhabitants of the settlement Bezanijska kosa, in the consideration with that the settlement is big and there are no cafes, especially for lovers of Latin sounds. Also, after hard shopping, it is the right place to refresh and strengthen yourselves with various special like coffee , cocktails and a great choice of alcoholic and soft drinks. In nice and new surroundings the old „ Revolucion „ you can relax yourselves and enjoy.

         Pariske Komune 15, tel: 011/269-8888; 011/319-68-48 fax: 011/122-122