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About Us

The firm "Buona Sera" began to work on 20th July 1991. Once, when Buona Sera was mentioned the first association was high quality jeans, great choice of jackets, as well as the other goods which were included in the jeans program. Buona Sera, nowdays, includes four firms: Shoe and You, café "La Revolucion", Vitarelax and the children's playground "Treasure Island". From year to year we try to answer to the market demands and to introduce customers in the latest world's trend.

The new attractive boutique in the chains "Buona Sera" on the location of Knez Mihailova 40. "Shoe and You" gives you Italian fashion brands Marina Galanti, Antonella Rossi and other in which there are woman handbags and shoes. Exceptional collection of woman's handbags, as well as, shoes designed to the latest fashion trend. In the shop except handbags you can also find an exceptional jewelry in silver and in half precious stone.

Café "La Revolucion" is in the Shopping Center "IDEA Super" on the address "bb Partizanske avijacije" Bezanijska Kosa. What makes this café special is the warm atmosphere. Guest can relax themselves as through the music as throughgreat choice of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks and cocktails. That your visit in this café will be pleasant is confirmed also by the special restaurant magazine "Caffe & Bar", which puts this local among 20 best recommended places from which only 3 are caffes.

Pizzeria "Messi Messi"
In a warm, slightly nostalgic ambiance inspired by the cult film Serbian cinematography, we prepare for you the most delicious pizza, baked in a wood oven recipes by Italian masters. With carefully selected top quality ingredients, we try to offer you an unforgettable pizza and superior taste. We are confident that our pizzas will not leave you indifferent.

Try them and feel the experience of Tuscany, Calabria, Sicily ... if you are passing by near Dorcol make sure to visit us and try our pizza slices!

The company Vitarelax d.o.o. from 2006 for the territory of Serbia imports and distributes high quality bed linen and orthopedic mattresses produced in European Union. All products are made of high quality Australian merino wool and they realize all the standards on European market. The mission of the company Vitarelax is to promote and stimulate healthy dream. Our motto is: Healthy Sleep-Better Life. The healthy dream is the prerequisite to each successful activity; it is our inspiration for healthy life.

Pariske komune 15

tel: 011/269-8888; 011/319-68-48
fax: 011/122-122


         Pariske Komune 15, tel: 011/269-8888; 011/319-68-48 fax: 011/122-122